Yes. You may read it online here.

Please review the other areas of this web site to learn more about the Credit Union and its operations.

Through a loan application available online. You can also contact us for a printed form.
By completing the necessary application forms. To obtain forms, Contact the Credit Union office in South Brunswick or e-mail us.
Deposits may be made by direct deposit, payroll deduction, mail or in person. Withdrawals may be made by mail, phone, fax, ATM, home banking 24/7 or in person.
Through payroll deduction, direct deposit, mail, wire transfer and, if in South Brunswick, in person.
A membership fee of $1 plus a minimum deposit of $25, is required to join the credit union. However, accounts that contain less than $250 and are inactive for more than six months will be charged a monthly fee of $5 per month until the account balance reaches zero, or becomes active.

To avoid a minimum balance fee of $4, all checking accounts (called share draft accounts by credit unions) should maintain a minimum monthly balance of $200.
Absolutely! Only the loan officer and the office staff have access to your application.
No. The Credit Union is a federally chartered financial institution that is managed independent of Dow Jones. No data is transmitted to Dow Jones except the amount of the payroll deduction. Dow Jones does provide the Credit Union with office space in South Brunswick. The Credit Union is chartered to give financial services to eligible members.
Complete this online form. Your Credit Union does not share personnel records with Dow Jones & Co., or other companies within the field of membership.
"Once a member, always a member" is a policy of Federally chartered CUs. You continue to enjoy the benefits of membership provided you maintain a monthly minimum balance.
Dividends are paid out of current income from loans and other investments and may fluctuate from quarter to quarter. Share Certificates (the CU term for CDs) are paid according to contract.
All of your deposits are insured up to an aggregate of $250,000 per member by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the US Government. IRA accounts (both Roth and Traditional) are separately insured by the National Credit Union Administration up to $250,000.

Any regular full-time and permanent part-time employees of Dow Jones & Company, News Corporation, ALC, Factiva, and Flik Dining employees who work in Princeton; employees of the CU.; persons retired as pensioners or annuitants of Dow Jones and spouses of persons who died while in the field of membership.

Also, members of the immediate families living under the same roof are eligible to join. No membership fee is required for additional family members.

A professional staff hired by your elected Board of Directors.
You, the shareholders, own the Credit Union. Your deposits represent shares in the C.U., which are referred to as share balances. The interest you earn on this balance is commonly called a "dividend" and is credited to your account.
Your pay stub is only a record of your payroll deductions to date, and does not reflect cash deposits, withdrawals, loan payments or dividends. Your pay stub balance resets each calendar year; the CU balances are continuous.
No. Statements are mailed quarterly to your address of record. If you have a checking account or are receiving deposits through the Automated Clearing House, you will receive monthly statements. You can also view your accounts online by enrolling in our Personal Credit Union program.