We are pleased to announce that our credit union has started a Managed Credit Program to help as many members as possible obtain credit.

We realize that some of our members have experienced some difficulty with their credit in the past and as a result, we may have rejected their loan request forcing these members to pay extraordinarily high rates elsewhere. Our goal is to help as many members as possible under our Managed Credit Program. The way our Managed Credit Program works is that the rate a member pays will be determined by their credit history. Members with a good credit history will receive our very best rates, some of the best rates offered by any lender.

Other members, who may have had past credit problems, will be assigned rates consistent with their credit history. It is our goal that these rates will almost always be lower than they may be currently paying with other lenders.

These new rates will be offered on new vehicle loans and start as low as 2.50% for 36 months. The credit union provides 100% financing on car loans with approved credit. Our signature loan rates start as low as 8.50%.

We encourage all our members to call us regarding our new Managed Credit Program. Our goal is to help you obtain credit and save money. If you are not sure what rate you may be paying another lender, call them first, then call us.