Your Credit Union is your Golden Opportunity for Great Home Loan Rates and Service!

Our Mortgage Department is available to help you with all of your home loan needs!

As with each of the financial services available exclusively to our members, Dow Jones Employees Federal Credit Union stands out in the crowd as your best source for home loans! We offer:

  • Great Rates

  • Low Costs

  • Fast and Convenient Service


A Mortgage Loan from your Credit Union is better than one from a mortgage broker or banker for many reasons. Credit Unions are member owned, not for profit, full service financial institutions and our priority is to provide our members with the best home loan options possible without a lot of extra costs! Plus, you have the comfort of knowing that your payments are made to your Credit Union not a third party lender and automatic deductions for your payments are always an option – at no extra cost to you!

Additionally, with a loan from Dow Jones Employees Federal Credit Union your name, address, personal and financial information will NOT be sold or shared with other companies seeking to sell you their products and services. We believe our members deserve confidentiality and the security of knowing that outsiders will not solicit you for products and services you neither need nor want.

Please visit our web site: or call our Mortgage Department at 866 435-8329 for more information.