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New Mortgage Department

Your Credit Union is your Golden Opportunity for Great Home Loan Rates and Service!

Our Mortgage Department is available to help you with all of your home loan needs!

As with each of the financial services available exclusively to our members, Dow Jones Employees Federal Credit Union stands out in the crowd as your best source for home loans! We offer:

  • Great Rates
  • Low Costs
  • Fast and Convenient Service

A Mortgage Loan from your Credit Union is better than one from a mortgage broker or banker for many reasons. Credit Unions are member owned, not for profit, full service financial institutions and our priority is to provide our members with the best home loan options possible without a lot of extra costs! Plus, you have the comfort of knowing that your payments are made to your Credit Union not a third party lender and automatic deductions for your payments are always an option – at no extra cost to you!

Additionally, with a loan from Dow Jones Employees Federal Credit Union your name, address, personal and financial information will NOT be sold or shared with other companies seeking to sell you their products and services. We believe our members deserve confidentiality and the security of knowing that outsiders will not solicit you for products and services you neither need nor want.

Please visit our web site: or call our Mortgage Department at 866 435-8329 for more information.



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2018 Credit Union Holidays

New Year's Day           Jan1

Martin Luther King, Jr.   Jan 15
Presidents' Day             Feb 19
Memorial Day                 May 28
Independence Day        July 4  
Labor Day                     Sept 3
Columbus Day               Oct 8

Veterans Day                Nov 12

Thanksgiving Day          Nov 22 & 23

Christmas Day               Dec 25


Keep your eye on the web site and your mail for unforeseen closings.

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Managed Credit Program

We are pleased to announce that our credit union has started a Managed Credit Program to help as many members as possible obtain credit. We realize that some of our members have experienced some difficulty with their credit in the past and as a result, we may have rejected their loan request forcing these members to pay extraordinarily high rates elsewhere. Our goal is to help as many members as possible under our Managed Credit Program. The way our Managed Credit Program works is that the rate a member pays will be determined by their credit history. Members with a good credit history will receive our very best rates, some of the best rates offered by any lender.

Other members, who may have had past credit problems, will be assigned rates consistent with their credit history. It is our goal that these rates will almost always be lower than they may be currently paying with other lenders.

These new rates will be offered on new vehicle loans and start as low as 1.75% for 36 months. The credit union provides 100% financing on car loans with approved credit. Our signature loan rates start as low as 8.50%.

We encourage all our members to call us regarding our new Managed Credit Program. Our goal is to help you obtain credit and save money. If you are not sure what rate you may be paying another lender, call them first, then call us. 

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We Want To Help!!

The credit unions current rates for new vehicle loans start as low as 1.25% for 24 months effective September 28, 2012. Signature loans start as low as 8.50%. The rate you will pay will be based on the number of years your loan is financed plus your credit history. Rates are set by the Board of Directors and are subject to change.


Why Make A Will?

If you should die without a will, unless you are a bum living under an overpass without any measurable assets, then whatever assets you may have acquired over a lifetime are in limbo. When a person dies intestate [not having a valid will], the estate is committed for settlement to administrators appointed by the state. Although it may be a little tacky to point out this fact, but we all are scheduled to die, and that point of departure is not of our choosing.

There is another unpleasant fact of life attached to dying intestate. In order for your family to get any benefit from your hard earned assets, it will be necessary for a good chunk of them to be paid to lawyers for their services and court fees.

Here is one small example that hopefully will open your eyes to the importance of having a will. One of your members was named as executor in her mother-in-law's will. It was a hand-written will, legal in every sense; however, she left out one word. Since she didn't indicate that this person was to be the "only" executor, every relative had to sign notarized papers sent by an attorney, agreeing to allow this person to dispose of her assets and distribute them to her intended beneficiaries. Her "estate" amounted to less than $50,000.


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Update Your Address & Beneficiaries!

We hate to nag, guys, but some of you are still unaware that your Credit Union is a separate corporate entity from our sponsor Dow Jones & Company. Therefore, it is important to inform your C. U. of any change of address so that you may receive your financial statements and other information in a timely manner.

Should you get married, divorced, or have a loved one die, it is vital that you revise the beneficiaries on your life insurance, retirement plan, CD's, bank accounts, etc. It would be devastating to your loved ones if your financial assets were to be confiscated by the state.


Once A Member, Always A Member, Even If You Leave The Field Of Membership

Dow Jones Employees FCU is built on the philosophy that once you join the credit union, you can be a member for life. You have complete control over your DJEFCU membership. If you change jobs, retire, move out of town, or whatever changes may occur in your personal life or work environment, you can continue to be a member of Dow Jones Employees Federal Credit Union and use DJEFCU as your financial institution for as long as you choose.

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